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Project Management Plans
We have technical experts who have worked on multi-million and billion dollar capital improvement
projects. We can help develop the project organization and contracting strategies for successful
implementation. And we know how to work with your project staff to document the planned approach
in a project management plan that will be approved by federal funding agencies.

Contracts and Solicitations
We can support all aspects of the contracting process including creating the solicitation documents,
project work scope and draft contract terms and conditions; conducting outreach to prospective
proposers/bidders; managing the solicitation and selection process; providing independent technical
reviewers; and administering the contract and subcontracts throughout the project. Our professionals
know the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and how to administer contracts and budgets in the
sensitive public arena. We understand how to develop and maintain the required audit trails.

Through our affiliation with OrgMetrics, we provide partnering facilitation and facilitated disputes
resolution services for construction teams.

Claims Prevention, Analysis & Resolution
We can work with you to develop contract documents that help avoid claims. And, if you are faced
with construction claims, we will work to provide entitlement analysis and recommendations,
negotiation and resolution. We can also provide litigation support.

Reports, Special Studies & Procedures
We can author, edit, or manage full development of all written project documents.
Project Support Services

We offer support to the project team in all phases of project
implementation – from developing the overall project
management organization through project execution and
close-out. We work for owners, consultants and contractors
serving as peer reviewers, technical advisors, and hands-on
technical specialists.