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Proposal Writing and Production
We know how to respond to requests for proposals, especially those from public sector agencies. We
are prepared to provide as little or as much support as you need in this process – from drafting the
technical approach after interviewing your proposed project manager, to managing the full proposal
development and production and delivering a completed document for your submittal to the client.

Presenting technically competent, self-confident and friendly professionals after the short-list is often
key to winning the job. We will work with you to develop a presentation that is appropriate for the
audience, using PowerPoint or other media. We will also coach your presentation team on delivering the
presentation and responding to client’s questions.

Pursuit Management
We will work as your pursuit manager for a specific client or group of identified prospects. We will set
up and attend meetings with you, your prospective clients and teaming partners, develop written
pursuit plans, assign and track action items, and work with you to create a winning pursuit strategy.

Strategic Pursuit Coach
We will meet with you regarding business development strategies and approach. For entrepreneurs,
sole practitioners, and new business developers, we become the sounding board for ideas and
approaches, as well as the nudge to keep your efforts effective and on-track.  
Project Development Services
We are the Proposal Doctors...
We know the day-to-day focus of our clients is on keeping current projects
running smoothly, profitably and effectively. Developing new business is
often the “after hours” role. We provide tools, focus and momentum to keep
the pursuit and proposal process going, concurrent with your billable work.
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