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Our Approach

Our approach to providing services is to keep our core staff small and to take advantage of the
significant and experienced industry resources available -- typically part-time, independent consultants
who have opted to work outside large organizations and corporate structures.  

This approach provides significant advantages to our clients.
  Expert teams are pulled together specifically for each assignment.
  Team members have a minimum of 15 years experience and frequently more than 40 years.
  We know each other and have worked together on major successful projects throughout the country.
  We have no interest in prolonging assignments to extend or exaggerate billing - we are motivated
    by the professional reward of making a difference and moving on to the next challenge.

We are experts available on short notice to provide high-leverage, strategic energy to a specific task,
initiative or problem. We will work with you to support your agenda – and then we go home, returning
to an on-call status. If desired, we can supplement your team with long term staff.